BB: Are you sick?

Meow. It’s Monday morning and I’m blogging about Saturday. Word Press hates me and deleted my stuff :C Another reason to be sad- 3/4 of us are down with the flu. But Mr Lander still owes us pizza. And nothing gets between us and pizza. Not even the flu. While other teams are so cheerful and happy in their blogs (and cheesy) ((pizza reference)), we’re here going ughhhhh. Muahahaha.

So anyway. Pizza. Mr Alvin. Dominos. Yummy. Cons ate half a pizza, but she says she wanted to eat the whole thing. All I can say is that she has a high metabolism rate. Right now, she’s behind me flapping her jacket sleeves :O Wait, she stopped. Okay.

Funny story. While I was slacking in the tent on Saturday, Connie and Ky went to the toilet. Connie came out first and ran to the linking bridge to hide from Ky, but Ky saw her. Being the less lame one, Ky ignored Con and went back to the lounge. Connie wanted to walk behind Ky, but bumped into a construction worker. Thinking it was Ky, she said “Bo-. Whoops, sorry.” For some reason, the construction worker said sorry too. Ky saw the whole thing and started laughing, which caused Connie to start laughing. Then they both stumbled into the tent, laughing. Which caused me to laugh. And everybody laughed. We rolled on the floor laughing. Literally. Carpet is better to roll on than toilet floors. I think the other teams thought we were crazy, but now you know. We are crazy.

Time for me to get back to work, joy. I’m sleepyyyyy :<

I’m back, and I’m still sleepyyyyy. Because it’s late. Some other good news – now all of us are sick. Even Mr Alvin. Hue. Today was Open House, and it wasn’t as fun as we expected. 😦 We prepared a speech, but in the end Mr Joshua explained everything, so thanks c: Later at night, during the parent segment of the Open House, explaining everything made me and the others even sicker, and now we all have sore throats D: We went to kepo the other team’s storyboards, and that, admittedly, was pretty interesting 🙂

Cons and Ky stalked a certain somebody at Koufu. I had to go get my parents, so I missed all the action :< (Meh, I guess getting my parents was more important – once you get lost in NYP you never come back. It’s like the labyrinth.) According to a source *cough* *Hazel* *cough*, after I left Cons and Ky bought drinks and shifted their seats all the way to behind that person, who was sitting far, far, milky way far away (hmm, I wonder why :3). Ky took a couple of pictures, but that person spotted them. Hazel, being embarrassed, ran up to the Lounge (LOL). That person demanded to see their phones (rude much, stahp invading our privacy :c).

What really made the night worth it though, was when we spoiled the movie Big Hero Six for Mr Lander. His face got really red and he started shrieking and covering his ears. Too bad, Wasd, you missed the show 😦

Oh well, I hope we still get invited to his dadadadadada

We shan’t reveal what dadadadadada means.

Anon out~ (still sticking to ‘Anon’, I’m still cool.) ((I’m sleepy .-.))

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