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Arriving at the NYP Lounge at 8.24am for the tenth day of Production, I was surprised to see the lights already on, and the door unlocked. IDK had to come early that day, with Miss Yan Ting already sitting at her table in IDK’s tent when I walked past.

I switched on my laptop to work on a blog post. No instructions had been given, so I was unable to start work on improving the animation.

Nothing really interesting really happened until around 9.15am, when all the members of my team had arrived and were preparing to watch Pocahontas on the laptop (Bella brought a DVD, so we didn’t stream the movie (and eat up all the bandwidth)).

Day 10 5

Watching Pocahontas and folding cranes at the same time.

As I wasn’t interested in watching the movie, I continued to work on the blog post. And then this happened. O_____O

what the heck

gais pls

They probably clicked on it by accident (so we’re cool), but it’s interesting to know that WordPress will cut the previous user off, in order to ensure neither user will (literally) overwrite the other. 😛
(PS. There’s a ‘Preview’ button (for drafts, ‘View’ for published posts (although you can just go to the blog itself…)) for a reason, make good use of it!!)

And for some reason, Acrylics just kind of started doing really weird things, like they were playing Monkey or something and none of us really know what happened but yeah this is just evidence of how fantastic our tent neighbour is they haven’t changed since the one-week selection and wow this is a really pointless paragraph I’m so sorry (not putting a full stop because that’s kinda like a point but this paragraph doesn’t have any YES I KNOW THERE’S A DOT ABOVE SMALL LETTER ‘I’S BUT THEY DON’T COUNT SORRY FOR TYPING IN CAPS)

A little while later, the photographers arrived. *cue dramatic music* (But in all seriousness they’re pretty cool people.)
When they walked past our tent to get to the empty space, we overheard them talk about how we posted a photo of one of them on Instagram and how they’re gonna get ‘revenge’, oops. Whether they did manage to take ‘revenge’ or not on day ten, they’ve already got a bunch of photos and videos of us (that have made it to this website) from the one-week selection, so I think we’re still odd. 😛
Because they’re cool people, we’re going to try to find out their names as the names they have from us me for the time being are just plain weird:

Day 10 1

Mr No Glasses and Mr Does-He-Actually-Wear-Glasses-Or-Not

Day 10 2

Mr Hipster Glasses

Much weirder than whatever Acrylics was doing alright.

Mr Ellery ordered a silly photoshoot, for memory’s sake. Our team got into the pool with our two instructors (Miss Weilin and Mr Jonathan), and someone decided to include the origami paper cranes Crystal, Kai Li, and Bella folded. Constance and Lee Cheng of Believed Beliefs and Mr Alvin (instructor of Believed Beliefs) were walking past, and they kindly helped us throw the origami cranes into the air, to make it look like it was raining origami cranes. (Thanks guys!! ^v^) Mr Hipster Glasses the pro photographer took several shots in order to ensure the raining cranes were captured, and then showed it to us. No pictures yet, but they should be uploaded to this website at a later date! 🙂

After that, Miss Weilin continued showing us the mock-up she did, and compiled a list of things for us to improve on, before sending us back to our tent to start work.

Mr Jonathan used the time we were in Chunky Monkeys’ tent to stuff some tissue paper into my shoes to get back at me because no one said anything and he acted super suspiciously HMM… Long story short, he somewhat failed. 😛

We found a box of Hershey’s Kisses sitting on our table when we got back from lunch, with a note from JJKN59!

Day 10 3

BEAUTIFUL. Thanks guys!!

Around lunch time, DJs from JIA 88.9FM and POWER 98FM came to interview some of the teams. The DJ from JIA 88.9FM interviewed Believed Beliefs and wasd, while the DJ from POWER 98FM interviewed us. Our interview was a minute long, and it was quite exciting to be on air!! 😀

Day 10 4

DJ Jacqui from POWER 98FM, hostess of The Ex Factor. Didn’t get a good shot, sorry!

After that, the three folded more origami and we all continued doing work. A little while later, Miss Weilin came to our tent to teach us masking in Adobe After Effects. For some reason, the software was behaving badly and it took a while to get the thing to work right and no one had any idea how or why it worked/didn’t work. :/

As Miss Weilin was trying to figure out what was going on with the software, Acrylics came back from lunch, and seeing that Mr Jonathan wasn’t back yet, they decided to prank him. They built a ‘shrine’ for him at his table, by using objects such as masking tape and NEWater bottles. They also decided to strategically place a tissue box (which was later changed to the flower lei and some crushed pieces of paper) at the top of the entrance to their tent and tie the ropes to the metal beams to ensure that it would fall onto his head when he undid them to enter the tent. That more or less failed, but it was extremely amusing to watch and see. x)
We also sincerely apologise to all the other teams for making what was most likely a lot of noise at that time. 😦

The rest of the afternoon went by pretty quietly as we worked on our animation. At some point, Bella and Kai Li went downstairs to get some food, and later on Bella and Crystal went too. I was trying to get my animation right (it wasn’t working for some reason and I had no idea why), so I didn’t notice when Bella, Crystal, and Kai Li had all gone to the pantry to eat, and only realised I was alone when the instructors asked where the three went. I had no idea they had gone to the pantry until I went there for the debrief. *A*

Day 10 7

They wanted to sit at the table during the debrief because they’d be higher than everyone on the floor.

After the debrief, I went back to putting the rest of the animation together. It was fine until I previewed it. THE LINES WERE MISSING AND NO ONE KNEW WHY. So I’m going to have to redo it. Again. At least it already looks much better than the previous one (having had to redo the base object (no spoilers for now)), so all that’s left is just to get the animation to work! 😛

There was going to be a class party on Saturday, and we wanted the inflatable pool (with water) so we had to deflate the pool for moving. It wasn’t an easy job, but we managed to get it done. The tougher part was packing the pool, which Kai Li and Michaela (from Chunky Monkeys) succeeded at doing! 🙂
(And yes, the pool will be back on Monday because we know some of you want to have a photoshoot with it it needs to be in the tent.)

wasd started playing Cards Against Humanity again after the debrief (they were staying back to meet their Ambassador), and Crystal and Bella decided to join them. Kai Li and I had to leave so we couldn’t stay to play.

Day 10 6

Mr Jonathan’s socks on Friday featuring the football in the background. Completely irrelevant to surrounding paragraphs, oops.

On Saturday, Crystal told us that she actually stayed past 9pm to watch anime with Mr Jonathan. Guess that’s one thing off the bucket list for her! 😛
And because she stayed so late, she got to celebrate Mr Wei Siong’s birthday with everyone who stayed back! (Blog post coming soon!)

Day 10 8

“The pun on the cake is Clarence-worthy.”

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