wasd: Open House


Today was the open house for the Top 10 teams, and based on what we’ve seen, I’m certain these are the methods to get more people to patronise your tent.


Ethan’s dad in the background and Mr Lander’s SO.

1. Have a girl in your team.   (Ziqing was away on holiday)                                                     -Don’t ask me why, just do it.

2. Prefably have something that’s out of place in the tent.                                                     -A pool or a Christmas tree works, or my personal favourite, a bean bag.

3. If you are doing hands-on work like clay or papercut, you’re in luck.                         -People will be curious and stop for a longer while to look at your work.

Please smile.

Please smile.


Parents looking at other teams’ work.

 Just a few observations.

Anyway, we showed our animation previs to the guests today, hopefully that secures us a few more votes. We also viewed the other teams’ work AND TRUST ME, their work was exceptionaly remarkable, and dare I say it, some are better than ours. Quite a few teams were doing something along the lines of songs/raps. Such examples include: HigherThanYou’s Maths theme song/rap and Acrylics’ animation, exemplary examples of good animations. Elemonators also did a song of sorts, but we didn’t get to chance to see the whole video. Nevertheless, I recommend you check them out too:

Acrylics’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ne9Acrylics                                                             HigherThanYou’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/higherthanyou06                               Elemonators’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ELEMONATORZ   

Our current animation needs plenty of polishing to truly turn into a high-caliber piece of work. The animations are still a little too… “funky”.  With that said, I’ll wrap it up here. Be sure to visit our social media networks and show your support!

Team’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Team_wasd                                                           Team’s Blog: https://nemation.sg/facebook/ne9top10/team10/                    Team’s Insta: http://instagram.com/trulywasd                                                              Niger’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/2ubat_                                                                         Ethan’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/dracoblake

See you guys on the horizon.



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