There’s not much time left.

Did you hear that eating clocks is very time consuming?
But seriously, they’re so nice we go back for seconds.

Anyway, today marks the start of the last week of Production (and the day of the Open House), and we’re currently working on improving our animation! We do feel fortunate as we’re one of the few teams who get the chance to have at least a day set aside for touch-ups. Heck, we actually have almost an entire week for touch-ups. Thank you, mathematics…this time… 😛

We’ve spent the past two weeks working on asset creating, animating, yelling at Adobe After Effects (mostly in our head), pranking, unplugging and plugging in the LAN cable, snacking, and doing so much more. We truly appreciate this chance.

We have more things planned for the final week, especially since this may very well be the last time we’ll be here, participating in NEmation, having such great tent neighbours, freezing in the NYP Lounge together, working on completing our clips. This is most certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we’re going to make the most out of all of it. 🙂

And you too, dear blog reader, can join us. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 😀

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