Acrylics: Day 11- Open House

Hi all, its us again.

Today was day 11, the day we were going to start with the after effects (yay!)

However, today was also open house.

So, the man himself, Mr Jonathan decided that the day was gonna be  too hectic for us to start on after effects, so we touched up our stuff. Turns out that Mr Jonathan was right. 

So the day started out pretty smoothly, we were kinda relaxed in our work because we were not starting on after effects. We just needed to render our animation, but basically, we were free. 


preparing for the long day ahead

However, as it hit one, the visitors started streaming in. It was quite awkward at first because it was the first time we had so many visitors, and we did not really know what to do. We had alot of files, backgrounds and crazy talk ones. Out of the many that we had, we had to choose  a few, which gave us quite a headache. In the end, we decided to just pick a few random scenes.

When the visitors came we had to do some presentations, it was quite stressful because:

1. Some of them were from Nexus

2. The people could be potential supporters

3. We wanted to make our story sound good

4. There were alot of people

Yup, so it was quite stressful.

Anyway, apart from the stressful part, it was quite relieving as most of the visitors were smiling when watching our previs (we were trying to achieve that)




analysing our previs/ snippets

After the “VIP’s” left, we had some time to continue rendering our animation (our clip was created in segments, so we had to individually render each file)

At around 7pm, our parents came and visited us. It was kinda awkward, as we had to give a “formal” presentation. (you don’t usually speak formally to your parents… you know)


ok maybe quite informal

We managed to reach out to other parents as well, as they were also quite entertained by our previs, as well as some short snippets of our animated characters. However, we didn’t really have to time to go and check out other teams animation. Go check out the other teams blog posts to find out more about their animation.

Overall, we would say that it was quite a fun day. Hope that through the open house, we were able to garner more support.


yay group photo

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