Chunky Monkeys – The child in us.

If 13/15-year-olds to match the mentality of a 3-year-old, doesn’t that just say something about the people in question?

Let’s rewind a bit.

So, our teacher brought her wonderful, if slightly hyperactive, 3-year-old daughter to NYP, and we had the wonderful idea of bringing her into a room filled with intensely focused contestants, all rushing to reach a deadline.

Yeah… In hindsight, not the greatest idea we’ve ever had. Then again, we are still sick, and may be slightly numb in the head.

In any case, we headed on inside, and after prying the stuffed carrot doll from her jaws (sorry, instructors, we didn’t see her gnawing on it until it was too late…), we brought her quietly to our tent.

Now, our neighbours happen to have little to do left, and also happen to own an inflatable pool with paper cranes in them. An inflatable pool.

Naturally, like a moth attracted to a flame, she headed towards it and started gathering the cranes in her arms, before dumping them unceremoniously on the ground.

This, of course, scared the very dedicated group who had worked hard, not in making their animation, but in making those cranes, and they decided that the best way to entertain her without crumpling the paper cranes too much and leaving them on the ground, was to throw the cranes at me.

Yes, that was their grand plan. Of course, being seated at the opposite side of the pool, it worked, as all of the cranes did not reach far enough, and landed gracefully in the pool. Except for Sarah Mak’s throws – she took this far too seriously, as she does with everything.

Being pelted by my own groupmate was not exactly an enjoyable experience. Neither was the constant shouting whispers of “hit the bad guy!”, “just throw it at her! Hit her!”

In no time flat, we were all reduced to children, attempting to entertain a 3-year-old by matching her mentality.

Even after she had left, the childish high remained with us throughout the day.

Example? Just look at Chunky Monkey’s twitter, @ChunkyMonkeysC4, and my groupmate’s tweets will tell the full tale.

The entire day was spent trying to do our animation, failing to do our animation, lying on the ground in defeat, and slacking off with HigherThanYou. It doesn’t take much to get us distracted. Especially when we find a certain instructor watching anime. Akame ga Kill fans, anyone?

And to any other group that might read this, and has suffered from the catastrophic volume, I would like to apologise on behalf of my groupmates. Also, if you are ever to send gifts (hint hint), avoid sugary products.


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