BB: How to be unproductive

I just read the edited post of ‘Late Night Crisis’, and Connie was so mean ;w; I spelled it as ‘birfday’ and ‘pwomise’ because I meant to (and I was sleepy) :< Guess what we’re doing today? Staying back. Yup.  Sooooo exciting.

Today was a really unproductive day (I’m proving it right now by blogging during work hours). We spent a good amount of time on laughing, but that’s good for the soul, right? Unicon was tired to the point where she grabbed my bag (a pillow) and her pinafore (a bolster), and went to sleep on the carpet. Mr Alvin was being the usual creepy and lame person he was and taking pictures compiling nice photographs for something. I took a quick nap too, so it wasn’t too bad, I guess.

After lunch, we were still unproductive. Ky and I crawled under a table (because we don’t have a fabulous inflatable pool and yes we cry every time) to be antisocial and blocked the opening with two chairs. To further exile ourselves we draped jackets over the chairs and leaned them at an angle on the table. I am creative bow down before me.

I like fluffy things. I also like food. So if you present me with some fluffy edible food that tastes good my brain will probably explode from the food and your awesomeness. Some examples include cotton candy. I will love you forever if you give me cotton candy. Fluffy animals work too. Ms Hazel I still have yet to see your dog I’m very sad and there’s really no point to this paragraph so I’m gonna stop typing and apply the cancellation thingy. 

-_- are u serious cheng

Anon off~


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