Acrylics: Day 12 -Last Stretch

Woah day 12 end already. :O

“Ermagerd wrap-party ish comings.”


Alpacalypse hohoho

The end is near. dumdumdum.

So… We started the day touching up our work. Our past props weren’t up to standard so we had to improve the linework and colouring. We spent the early morning doing that lol. Afterward, the man himself called for a gathering. A sacred ritual was to be executed. He proceeded to…

….teach us AfterEffects(AE) lololol.

AE was quite difficult to work with, as its UI is very compact. Also, only one monitor could be used at a time with AE cos you can’t drag the tabs (e.g. project, composition, timeline) out. Thats so cri  especially since we have laptops (teeny weeny screen) 

It took us quite a while to get used to it. We split the work among ourselves (we have 10 scenes). Some of the scenes are wayyy more complicated than others so.. yea. 

Our lunch was pretty cool with our teacher, Mdm Tan buying us a feast! She bought two hugeee packets of fried rice, two hor fun, and a packet of chicken wings. It was way too much for us so Ms Hazel joined in as well 😀

The whole afternoon was spent piecing the scenes together. It was very intense 

…ly rewarding. 

“Using AE makes us look so pro with dem sick skillz lol”

We decided to stay back in the evening once again. :With the permission of Ms Hazel of course. Mr Jonathan had something else on however, so he left early. We spent the rest of the time finishing up as many scenes as possible. 

According to the man himself, the schedule is scrapped and its ‘own time own target’ das gr8. We are currently quite on time, in fact we could even have spare time for slacking touch ups. xD

rowan atkinson 2 190707


It was a good day finally seeing the fruits of our labour pieced together. yayay.

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