BB: Not-So-Interesting Day

Hello there everyone.  🙂 You may or may not want to read this post because we’re just going be telling you about stuff that happened today and today wasn’t really that interesting…

So, today, just like any other day, we came at 8.30a.m., waited outside the lounge until Mr Lander came to let us in. Kylie brought food for Mr Alvin and in return, Mr Alvin, made us work and work and work.


No, that’s not the end. Do you seriously think the day will end with us not doing anything (other than work) at all? The answer is NO. okay so continuing this not-so-interesting blog post. We went for lunch. Lee Cheng came back to the lounge earlier than the rest of us because reasons. She found pictures of a certain instructor plastered all over our work space. She suspected Mr Alvin was the one behind everything. She took all the pictures and placed them all over Mr Alvin’s work space HAHAHAHAHAHA.


okay then we gave some of the pictures to other teams to motivate them.  

OH REALLY?^ to motivate them?

SHHHHH don’t expose our secrets

Anywaaays, yes, the pictures were to motivate the teams!!! 

Well, we hope they were motivated. 😉

Then, Constance had a little too much sugar and was hopping around the tent. Then Ying Zi, our ambassador came. We talked about our progress and secret stuff.

OHOHOH and Mr Alvin posted our group picture on Instagram and his caption read “best team ever!!! #NE9C03 #ne9co3 #betterthanhashtag” Hashtag was his team in the previous season of N.E.mation and we hope they aren’t offended.

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