Crystal: Happy Birthday to YOU! You? Me? Who?

Hey Crystal here 😀

First time I’m leaving my name at the start of the blog post but Wei Ting’s gonna add it in later anyway, so why not?

So last Friday night, for the first time in my life, I stayed back in this NEmation camp till 9 and it was the BEST DECISION EVER.

So just minding my business here reading fanfic (ALLEN WALKER. CUTE.) and there was a call for EVERYONE present to go to the pantry. Apparently it was Mr Wei Siong’s birthday yay!

Day 10 12

CRISIS! We couldn’t find any lighter then to light the birthday cake had to use clay (from AlphaCrescent ahah) and red paper to ‘light’ it up. You must be thinking actually no I don’t think you’ll be thinking this WHAT? WHAT IS A BIRTHDAY CAKE WITHOUT FIRE? (I love fire and USUALLY bring a lighter around but I didn’t that day :/ And no I’m not a pyromaniac)

Day 10 9

But relax, we found lighter later then and it was a wonderful birthday 😀

Day 10 11

Pretty glad to experience this event here, and Mr Wei Siong has been celebrating his birthday for 9 years in a row with NEmation! How cool is that?!?

And I ate like twice the amount of cake I was supposed to take (it’s super delicious really I love cakes) and spent much of my time making my teammates who didn’t stay back with me jealous XD

Day 10 10

Anyways here’s a photo of Allen!

From my new best friend HAHA Michaela from Chunky Monekys

From my new best friend HAHA Michaela from Chunky Monkeys

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