Open House

HI guys:))))
I am Priya from Team Alpha Crescent.We had our open house on Monday (1st December 2014 ). It was very fun and all our parents came over to see what what we had been doing for the past few weeks. We also brought our parents to the other tent. Suwetha’s baby cousin who is around 11 months also came over and we found her so adorable.She was always smiling and kept jumping up and down when Suwetha carried her.She kept saying the word” dog and cat” ( think she loves those animals )

They also had a short briefing to tell the parents more about the competition. They also told us the different prizes that we will be going to get. After that, the parents were left to scatter to every other team to learn more about the other teams story. Since we were the only team using clay, many parents actually came over to look at our artwork and our storyboard.

Hopefully……they like our idea and the artworks of clay !

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