out of Milo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there…..
Suwetha from Alphacrescent here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what?
I tried posting this a week ago but apparently I got the pages and posts mixed up . So , I guess, you can guess what I did ….,create pages instead of posting posts …..huh…
Anyways , let me get to ma point now …..
THE FUBAR ( FANTASTIC UNIT BEARING AWESOME REFRESHMENTS ) apparently does not have any milo now…..actually, it RAN OUT of milo now ,……
well, actually i dont blame them , cause at the rate we were drinking it , no need to blame them though….( cause each one of us drank almost 3 a day with our team leader leading in it by drinking almost 5 in a day …..hehe…….
so now , you know that we were the culprits ….hehe
Anyways , I will come back with more updates such as or WIP ( work in progress )
So ,

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