Week Two: A Quick Recap.

The second week of Production is over. That was fast.

Here’s a quick recap of week two:

  • More gifting went around.
  • We started working on animating in Adobe After Effects. And feeling like throwing the laptop out of the window.
  • Our teachers visited us, and we met our Ambassador, Miss Karen!

Day 7 5


  • More fun in the pool!

Day 7 16


  • FUBAR has returned. (Throwback to #NE8)
  • We helped refill FUBAR, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of milo left…
  • Games of soccer and a war of nerf guns, Acrylics and wasd.
  • *cussing at Adobe After Effects*
  • Acrylics was higher than you. Much higher than you. But they’re still not us. 😛
  • Kai Li claims to have drunk 26 packets of milo in two weeks. What.
  • Mr Jonathan has cool socks. 😛
  • We attempted to fold origami cranes and watch movies at the same time.
  • We also got interviewed by a POWER 98FM DJ. A pretty cool experience.
  • We got to know a few teams better! 🙂

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