Acrylics: Day 13 – Photoshop skillz

Day 13…

So.. as you guys may already have known, tomorrow is the last proper day of work as Friday is Wrap-party!  😀 That means we gotta finish every thing ASAP. Thankfully, we’re pretty much done with all the scenes, which is neat. 

Plan: Finish all most of the scenes (we have 10 scenes)


We just concentrated on our work. Nothing happened. Didn’t really mess around.

^ok maybe we did

Kok Hai decided to use his mad photoshop skills to swap Mr Jonathan’s face with some random guys face (its from a meme, just that we don’t actually know what is the name of the meme)



sho happy



pls no cri.

 You’re welcome Mr Jonathan xD

You can request us to face swap some people, just comment down your email and send us your face, we will beautify it.

Sorry for the late post, we were quite busy >.<

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