Day eleven marks the day of the Open House, but it doesn’t mean a break day as there’s still work to be done and there won’t be guests at all times walking around!

As the inflatable pool was deflated and brought home on Friday, then inflated and deflated again on Saturday, we had to inflate it again so we could use it in the studio.
Unfortunately, I also managed to rip the hanging sign off so the twine was left hanging there. So why not use it as a swing for Yoshi?

…Because Michaela of Chunky Monkeys sent him flying head first into the used-tissue-paper-filled bin.
Then why not hang my penguin?

…Because someone made it swing up above the tent which is probably a really dusty place.
How about the IKEA dog?

…Because Michaela used it as a punching bag.
Oh well.

Day 11 2


And then the photographers arrived.

Day 11 1

Mr Hipster Glasses isn’t around apparently.

We tried asking them for their names but that failed so I guess we’re still sticking with those weird names until I can get them successfully.

Day 11 3

Introducing Mr Cap!

A little while later, we saw Miss Hazel travelling down the corridor on a…scooter?

Day 11 4

Told you we have cool instructors. 😛

Sarah of Chunky Monkeys wanted to take a nap (because she arrived back in Singapore at 12am) before people started coming in for the Open House, so we let her use our pool!

Day 11 5

Yes, the dog doubles as a pillow.

Soon enough, people started flowing in. Mr Joshua gave them a tour, and we presented whenever the tour group got to our tent.

Day 11 6

Important people. This wasn’t exactly from a tour though.

Day 11 7

Schools’ tour, with them watching the presentation from Chunky Monkeys.

There wasn’t a lot of people in the afternoon, so we did some work while waiting to be released for dinner.

We talked to Acrylics’ teacher, Miss Xie, who offered us food and is a really really cool teacher. 😀

Day 11 16

I don’t remember what I wanted to take a photo of at that point in time but this photo happens to have her face so why not use it? 😛

Adelle (our friend) arrived around 5.30pm, and she baked some s’mores for us and Acrylics, and did a calligraphy thing for us! 😀

Day 11 8

Unfolding the paper very delicately.

Day 11 9


We went down to Koufu for dinner, and when we came back up we played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity with wasd. Our other friend, Evaleen, arrived and she joined in too!

Day 11 10

Shuffling the deck. Except we somehow managed to keep drawing the same cards as from previous games. I question their shuffling skills. >_>

While we were playing CAH, Mr Wei Siong and Mr Joshua were swinging the dog around.

Day 11 11

Because becoming older doesn’t mean you can’t find the silliest things amusing.

We had to stop playing CAH because there were more people arriving and we had to get ready. We went back to our tents, and we put Adelle’s calligraphy thing up and showed Adelle and Evaleen around our tent! 🙂

Day 11 12

Read as 高高在上, not 在高上高. It’s Adelle’s translation of higher than you. 😛

Day 11 13

The carousel that plays some Christmas music. Not recommended.

Some people started streaming in before the last portion of the Open House began, so we presented a bit first.

Day 11 14

Crystal’s family!

Soon enough, the final segment of the Open House commenced at 7pm. Visitors were given a presentation by the organisers, and then they dispersed to the various tents.

Day 11 15

Mr Alvin for N.E.mation! 9, 2014.

Day 11 17

A blue flower lei to match Mr Jonathan’s blue contacts!

Day 11 18

Sitting in the pool folding origami.

Day 11 19

There’s actually a lot more people than this.

Day 11 20

Presenting to another team’s family!

Us teams were also allowed to go into other tents to watch their presentations. I had only managed to watch Acrylics’, Chunky Monkeys’, and wasd’s previs, and they’re really, really stunning!! You should probably leave them likes! 🙂
(Not saying the rest aren’t good (I’m sure they’re amazing), I just did not manage to catch the presentations, sorry!!)

Thanks for sticking with us and reading our overdue blog posts, we really appreciate your support! 😀 (And don’t forget to like us here, and follow us here and here for more updates!)

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