Saturday is over:(

Hi guys,
As told, the Saturday that we had been so excited for is over:( Yesterday was the first Saturday that we were able to stay at home and spend time with our family and our friends. Yesterday, each of us enjoyed our time. To tell you the truth, it was a relaxing Saturday for us as we had to relax ourselves after working so hard for our animation. Yesterday i spent my time with my family members going to shopping and the temple. Suwetha went to hello kitty town. Her plan was actually to go to Legoland but it was raining heavily over there, sooooo yeah
Sanjana went out with her friends. On the other hand,Dhirana who did not go for her guitar class for 2 weeks received a notification that if she is not gonna come for the next week again, she would have re register again. So she went to her guitar class and is happy that she does not have to re register ( and as i tell you only another homa sapian can understand her feeling ). If u were in my place, you would be laughing at her right now. You should have really seen her expression on that day when our instructor said that she have to stay back on Saturday.

Stay tuned for our next blog:D

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