Day Fourteen. (POWER AND POWDER)

First things first I know the post title is horrible but I didn’t have any other similar sounding words that start with the same letter that can describe the events that occurred on 4 December, which is ten days ago, and so I would also like to apologise for how late this blog post is.

Day fourteen was very interesting. 😀

In the morning, DJs from JIA 88.9FM and POWER 98FM came down to the studio to interview some teams. Acrylics and Chunky Monkeys were interviewed by JIA 88.9FM, while Elemonators and JJKN59 were interviewed by POWER 98FM. The interviews would be aired around 12pm that day, so we were all really excited to hear them!

Oh, and we overheard this conversation at Acrylics’ tent before they were interviewed:
DJ: Can you speak English?
Clarence: 不可以。(translation of cannot)

There you have it. The best/worst tent neighbour ever. 😛

While waiting for the interviews to be aired, we played some card games with Chunky Monkeys.

Day 14 2

I don’t actually know who’s burger hat it is. I know I first saw it in Acrylics’ tent but I still have no idea. Oops.

And Mr Jonathan took yet another turn on Miss Hazel’s scooter.

Day 14 1

Zoomin’ around at the speed of sound, he’s the fastest instructor around.

Not sure what happened, but Miss Hazel has her scooter back in the next photo.

Day 14 3

Miss Hazel tuning into the radio station.

We went for lunch, before coming back and waiting a little bit more for the interviews which would air around 12.15pm and 12.30pm (for Chunky Monkeys and Acrylics respectively). And finally, after what was probably a hundred eternities, we heard the interviews on the radio through the PA system.

Having heard Acrylics’ interview being recorded, which featured them yelling their team name, we were anticipating hearing it being broadcasted. Except that, well, the yelling did not sound like yelling at all, possibly due to the recording device being placed a tad bit too far from them. And that sparked them to cough really loudly for a fair amount of time while their interview was being aired. All three of them. Poor souls. Probably should have stayed home to rest. 😛

If you’ve read yesterday’s blog post, you might recall the ‘FINISH YOUR WORK OR ELSE…’ sign featuring Miss Beverly that Believed Beliefs left in our tent for a short while. Well, Miss Weilin, needing us to complete our work as soon as possible, came into our tent and pasted one (and also did the same for Chunky Monkeys).

Day 14 6


Clarence and Mr Jonathan dribbled the ‘football’ down the corridor for a while, while waiting for Brayden and Kok Hai to complete their work.

Day 14 4

How do I caption this.

Later in the day, Kai Li and Bella resorted to eating milo powder because 1. it tasted nice (apparently) and 2. FUBAR had run out of milo just a day earlier (and everyone was pretty upset). >_>

Day 14 5

Nestle 3-in-1 Milo: Just add tears.

We also continued folding origami cranes. Still a long way to go before we get the 2,000 cranes we need (yes, even now, at 4.50am on 14 December 2014), but we know we can finish them before the December holidays end! 🙂

Day 14 7

250+ as of 4 December.

Not too sure exactly when we did this, but we swapped some of the chips in the two Pringles cans we had. It was meant to be a prank, but that kinda failed. 😦

Day 14 8

Not bursting with enough flavour for our prank, sadly.

Our Ambassador, Miss Karen, visited us and Chunky Monkeys around 4pm! She had recently gone to Japan for a few days, and she had kindly bought us some Hello Kitty cookies while she was there!! 😀

Day 14 9

Bad view, sorry!

She also showed us a preview of the video she would be posting (featuring the time-lapse thing we mentioned in yesterday’s blog post as well)!

Day 14 10

It was pretty funny.

A little while later, we had carefully opened both cookie boxes.

Day 14 11

CUTE. :3

Day 14 12


Day 14 13


Day 14 14


We decided to split the cookies evenly, so the members in both our teams could get a chance to have at least one cookie from each box. The cookies were really yummy, thank you Miss Karen!! 😀

While our Ambassador was visiting us, Acrylics decided to play soccer for a bit.

Day 14 15

Distracting. No, really.

And Crystal thought it was a good idea to tell Miss Karen about genderbent Disney characters.

Day 14 16

Not surprising, really.

Then Mr Alvin thought it was a good idea to take Miss Hazel’s scooter for a spin. Riding it around the empty space beside our tents. Right into Acrylics’ soccer game. Cool instructor. 😛

Day 14 17

Scooting away from you.

Towards the end of the day, we also played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity with wasd and Chunky Monkeys!

Day 14 18

Insert caption here.

That was more or less it for the second last day of Production. Don’t forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more! 😀

Day 14 19

Irrelevant photo.

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