Crystal: HOHOHO DAY 16

I know what you’re thinking. Like what?? Wasn’t it three weeks of production? What’s with the day 16? Well, WE WENT OUT WITH OUR BFFS CHUNKY MONKEYS :DDDDD

Outing 1

oh yeah, wasd was there too

HAHA jkjk I’m sorry I’m a bit high due to the lack of sleep.

Either way it was super fun! We watched Mockingjay Part 1.

I’m sorry all THG fans, we all agreed afterwards that that Doraemon would have had more plot development. Told you all we should have watched Doraemon

And we spent close to three hours playing Cards Against Humanity, using every single card in the box lol

All in all, it was really fun (I’ve said this haven’t I, idk I’m tired), and I never would have thought it was possible to be such close friends with competitors in a competition. Just goes to show how NEmation is one of a kind 😀

I sincerely hope that we can continue this friendship for decades :DD

Unfortunately Acrylics couldn’t make it, as they had cca D: But we can always meet next time!

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