IDK – Open House Horror

As a Chelsia-less group, we were severely unprepared for Open House ;-; Interaction with people T.T 

We did indeed lose quite a bit of time due to introductions to our animation, and socialising with our teachers and groupmates having family time with well, their family. 

Valeska’s sister kindly made a very pretty drawing for our group to display in front of our tent! ❤ 

The traffic was lighter in the morning, with visitors from Nexus coming at around noontime. For the uninitiated, Nexus is in charge of developing a shared sense of nationhood among Singaporeans. As NEmation is a competition where students create videos related to National Education, it isn’t surprising that Nexus is involved as well! (:

(Most of us mistook Nexus for the Lexus biscuits…)

Biscuit no happy.

Biscuit no happy.

Our CCA teacher, Mr Tan, came quite early to say hi to us. Hi Mr Tan. 

Our groupmates’ family members also came to support them! Aww familial bonds. Also our Vice Principal, Mrs Shirley Tan, came to show her support. She reminded us of the importance of the narrative in a video, the strength of the voice in evoking emotions. It was a timely reminder, as we had previously been absorbed in purely finishing our animation!!! 

We continued on our work for a while after the guests left, and just resigned ourselves to an unending load of work in the coming days hoho. 

– IDK 

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