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Day fifteen. The last official day of Production. A saddening realisation we will not be seeing the NYP Lounge after the day is gone. A saddening realisation that three weeks has passed. A saddening realisation that repeating this sentence won’t give me another three more weeks at the Lounge. Ho hum. Anyway, MOVING ON.

Around 9am, while we were waiting for Miss Weilin to arrive, we went to the pantry to get some food. Someone must have forgotten to pack up, as there was a board entitled “Dance Central Competition”. Having read last season’s blog posts, we figured that the there would be a dance-off again during the Wrap Party this season. We were pretty excited!

We went back to our tent and started doing work. Miss Weilin still hadn’t arrived but we needed her assistance so Bella and I decided to camp at the entrance to the Lounge. We kinda just gave up after a while and went back to our tent, but not before noticing someone had swapped the position of our photo with wasd’s, so our photo was on the second row, which has only two photos, instead… We swapped it back, though. 😛

The rest of the morning was somewhat uneventful. I was done with my work, so I folded more origami cranes, while the rest focused on completing theirs. This also continued into the afternoon, but not too long afterwards, the Corpse Party watch party started again (sorry about eating the bandwidth…again…), and this time some of them were folding cranes as well.

And for some reason, Kai Li thought this was a fun thing:

Day 15 1

Wrapping herself in the tent canvas door thing in preparation for the Wrap Party.

The photographers also arrived a while later. They were going to stay for part of the Wrap Party as well, so coming in the morning didn’t really make sense. 😛

Day 15 2

Gotta walk fast.

Day 15 3

Quick head turn.

Day 15 4

NEmation Masquerade 2k14

Mr Hipster Glasses wasn’t around as he was overseas for an event, apparently.
And also, after some digging, we found their Instagram accounts and finally their company. We don’t think should post the information here, though.

The photographers also gave us some Dream Defenders bookmarks from Tiny Island Productions!

Day 15 5

Maybe they’re trying to bribe us to not take photos of them. 😛

We also went to the green and blue screen studios (which no longer had the green or blue screens, as Millennium Dragons was using the space to film their animation, which is a pop-up book!), because apparently Mr Alvin and Mr Nik had set up a screen and an Xbox console for the dance-off later.

Day 15 6

Mr Alvin said we couldn’t tell the rest about the presence of the console though.

We went back to our tent and continued working/watching Corpse Party/folding origami cranes. By the looks of it, we were on track and could finish everything before the Wrap Party started.

Around 3pm, Xena from The 4 of Us II (NE8) arrived at the studio for the Wrap Party at 6pm! She was pretty nice. 🙂

Day 15 7

Miss Weilin was their instructor, apparently.

And we also saw Mr Ellery making use of Miss Hazel’s scooter.

Day 15 8

And there he goes.

We think everyone was almost done with their work and had started slacking, anticipating the Wrap Party later on, because we could hear the volume level rise around 4pm.
Acrylics was playing some online games, wasd had taken out their Nerf guns.

Day 15 9

Such shot. Much good. Very wow.

We were folding more origami cranes and talking to Miss Weilin. And later, Bella slept in the pool.

Day 15 10

Mr Jonathan jokingly said it looked as if Miss Weilin was telling us grandmother stories. I probably translated this wrong.

Believed Beliefs was taking photos of Mr Alvin with a balloon we assume they had given him.

Day 15 11

So many things are happening in this photo.

We brought two plants (there were originally three, but one drowned the night before…oops…sorry guys…) as a gift for Acrylics (because their story revolves around leaves but we weren’t simply going to pluck a leaf off a tree and give it to them). Recalling primary 3 Science, seedlings need warmth to germinate. However, the NYP Lounge’s temperature was probably absolute 0, so we needed to find a way to keep the remaining two plants warm to ensure they do not die at our hands. Remembering that each team had two lamps for the students (that we did not use), we plugged one of them in and switched it on, in an attempt to keep the plants warm.

Day 15 12

The main lights on our side were actually switched on but it just appeared to be dark in the photo because of the light from the lamp.

We actually succeeded in keeping them alive, and they had surprisingly grown a fair bit!

Delta-gaytors, who had come earlier, came to our tent, as the photographers were in the empty space, and they had wanted to aim their Nerf guns at them. They were pretty successful, but the photographers assumed it was actually us (though we cleared it up afterwards). So if you see a lot of photos of us during Production here (when they get uploaded), you know who to thank. 😛 (The other reason is because we took photos of them. Oops.)

Around 5pm, some of us were summoned to the centre to “clear the trash bags in preparation for the Wrap Party.”

Day 15 13

Elemonators made the first move towards the trash bags.

But that wasn’t it. Apparently, someone from a past N.E.mation! season was hiding in one of the (probably clean and empty) trash bags, and when Elemonators was grabbing the other bags, she jumped up and scared them. Talk about pranking. 😛

More N.E.mation! alumni (mostly NE8) started arriving as well for the Wrap Party. They looked at some of our storyboards and talked to the instructors.

Day 15 14

Hashtag (NE8), who were under Mr Alvin last year.

Day 15 15

3/4 of Momento Mori!!! Charlene came this time! 🙂

We also saw wasd playing catch with their soft toys.

Day 15 16

And there it goes.

Someone from MOE visited as well (having missed the Open House), and we presented our story to her. She seemed quite impressed (and shocked, I mean Mathematics and Literature together?), and even suggested some things to us. 😀

We also saw another guy from the camera crew.

Day 15 17

His sudden appearance took us by surprise.

We thought we were done with our work, and had started packing up our tent while watching Corpse Party (in Chunky Monkeys’ tent…). That was until around 5.30pm, when Bella suddenly realised we had forgotten to do something. It was absolutely necessary, so she quickly got to work. We can’t say what she was working on, but it was impossible for her to complete it by 6pm and have it done well (House Rule #1: NO REGRETS). Therefore, we were going to have to come back on Monday just to finish it, but it was necessary and we didn’t mind.

Around that time, AlphaCrescent also gave us a tin of Redondo, with a note attached!

Day 15 18

How sweet. 😀

Not too long later, an announcement was made over the PA system, requesting for everyone to gather in the centre for the Wrap Party! 😀 (As this blog post has already surpassed 1.2k words, you can read about the Wrap Party in our next post.)

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