And it’s a Wrap. Or Maybe Not.

When the clock struck six,
An announcement was made:
For everyone to gather,
To come together and celebrate.

Wrap Party 1

Balloons. Previously hidden in the organisers-only area.

Before the celebration started, though, Mr Ellery gave a final debrief. Following this, Mr Wei Siong gave a briefing on the party poppers and sparkling drinks. Safety first, y’know. 😛

Wrap Party 2

Getting ready!

Wrap Party 3

And there they go!

Next, each team’s leader (or someone else) had to ‘pop’ the ‘champagne’ (they were actually non-alcoholic sparkling drinks). It seemed pretty difficult to do so quickly and successfully, and we had to ask for advice.

Wrap Party 4


Wrap Party 12

Hold on, gotta dodge Wang Lei’s (from Chunky Monkeys) confetti shower first.

Wrap Party 13


Wrap Party 14

…thanks for drinking straight from the bottle… >_>

Anyway, having ‘popped’ the ‘champagne’, we had a toast (with the instructors). I don’t remember for what, but the students got a total of three toasts. Putting the cups together was easier said than done, given the number of people and how no one has metre-long arms (so the radius of the ‘circle’ would be bigger, and therefore the ‘circle’ would have a bigger diameter, thus there would be more space for everyone to stand while putting the cups together). We kinda faked it, so here’s to hoping the camera crew didn’t catch that on camera. 😛

Wrap Party 15

After the toast. Crystal please stop.

Wrap Party 17


Wrap Party 20

A few moments of calmness amid the calamity.

The instructors had a toast for themselves after ours, and the SNGS teams decided to bomb that. 😛

Wrap Party 19

Preparing the weapon of choice.

Wrap Party 21

House Rule: Shower your instructor(s) with love!

Wrap Party 23

The aftermath.

Oh, and did we mention that Mr Jonathan’s girlfriend came for the Wrap Party as well? 😀

Wrap Party 25

Too bad this is the only photo we got. 😦

We also decided to shower Crystal in confetti, after, somehow, for some reason, drinks had been spilled onto her blouse and skirt.

Wrap Party 26

Confetti crowns anyone?

Wrap Party 27

Actually, we just thought it would be fun.

After the toasts, we were given a dinner break. We didn’t have to use our Koufu vouchers, as dinner was catered! Thankfully, the queue to get food wasn’t as long as the queues in Koufu during lunch. 😛
The food was really nice, especially the eclairs! And of course, the fruit punch. 🙂

I don’t remember exactly when this happened, but wasd thought it was a great idea to burst some of the balloons in our faces. Thanks guys. D:

As Crystal was holding onto an empty bottle, Kai Li, Crystal, and Bella decided to play Truth or Dare with Chunky Monkeys and Unicorns&Rainbows;) (NE8).

Wrap Party 28

Not exactly Crystal’s brightest idea. Probably should have stopped her.

Why does that game even exist to begin with though?

We went back inside to witness some of the (really weird) dares being carried out, and we saw the really beautiful mess that was the floor.

Wrap Party 30

Such colour. Much wow.

We also saw some of the SNGS teams using the confetti as ammunition! 😛

Wrap Party 32

Millennium Dragons: attacking with confetti rather than fire.

Wrap Party 31

The element that is not in the periodic table. The element of surprise.

Wrap Party 33


There was also an iPad playing music through the PA system, so the Wrap Party felt more chill.

Around 7.30pm, everyone was called back to the centre for the start of the party games! 🙂

Wrap Party 34

Miss Karen and Mr Raphael also came, and it was their first Wrap Party too! 😀

This year, there were piñatas filled with tons of goodies! Seems easy enough, but it’s been modified a little. Some balloons were taped to the floor, and should one’s shoe even merely touch the balloon, that’s one strike. Should one go out of the rectangular zone, that’s another strike. Doesn’t sound too bad, but players are blindfolded, spun around, and moved to a random starting point. The piñatas were also quite easily spun around upon hitting, and as one cannot use their free hand to hold the piñata, it was quite difficult to hit while blindfolded.

Wrap Party 35

Miss Cass doing a demonstration!

Wrap Party 36

This isn’t actually a piñata, but two plastic bags filled with NEWater bottles.

The audience are allowed to give directions, but we were split up, a group of us were to give the right directions, while the other group were to misdirect them. Not so easy now, huh? And not only that, some people confused their left for the player’s right, and thus gave the wrong direction to the player (COUGHcrystalCOUGH). >_>

Wrap Party 37

Acrylics was the first team to go.

Wrap Party 38

It was actually pretty noisy, although the faces in the photo may suggest otherwise.

Believed Beliefs was the second team to go, and Constance defeated the Unicorn.

Wrap Party 39

Taking the unicorn down to swap for a snowman.

We were the next team to go, but Bella was unable to destroy the snowman.

Wrap Party 41

AlphaCrescent’s turn!

Sabrina from Elemonators finally managed to take down the snowman, and had also managed to fling the stick across the room! :O

Wrap Party 42

Thankfully that wasn’t Yoshi. Well hopefully it wasn’t.

Millennium Dragons was the last team to duel with the piñata, and they were almost successful, but the dinosaur proved challenging, and the N.E.mation! alumni was called in to lend a hand. Rachael from Yarney Barney (NE7) managed to eliminate the dinosaur, breaking the stick in the process! 😛 Hmm, why are all the successful teams from SNGS?

Anyway, next we proceeded to what was originally the green and blue screen rooms for the dance-off we mentioned earlier in this post. Dance Central 3 had already loaded, and everyone gathered behind the tapes so that they would not obstruct the players.

Wrap Party 43

It’s pretty difficult to take a good photo/great videos of your instructors dancing here. But we managed to get videos of Mr Jonathan, Miss Hazel, and Mr Ellery anyway. ;P

Mr Alvin and Miss Yan Ting were selected to do a demonstration for us, and after that, the instructors randomly drew the teams to compete against each other. We faced Believed Beliefs in the first round, and I was beaten by Kylie, but it was very fun! 😀
Fast forward a little, and Mr Jonathan was nominated (after lots and lots of yelling and hearing a ton of different instructors’ names) to be the first instructor to compete. Mr Jonathan played Gangnam Style against Millennium Dragons, and won! YAY MR JONATHAN!! 😀

Later on, while we were trying to nominate an instructor to dance in the finals, everyone yelled equally loudly (for the normal human ear to distinguish) for Mr Ellery and Miss Hazel. In order to make the decision, Mr Ellery and Miss Hazel were to compete against each other, the song being Party Rock Anthem. The non-winner was to compete in the finals (because picking the winner to do so would result in neither of them dancing), and this person turned out to be Miss Hazel. If you’ve watched the music video (warning for words that your parents may not approve of) for the song, you would know that to some extent, the dance moves (which the dance in the game is based on) are a little tiring, so it would have been ridiculous to get Miss Hazel to dance twice in a row. Thus, we had to pick another instructor to play against Elemonators in the finals, and Miss Weilin was nominated! 😀
After about three of four minutes of dancing, the champions were crowned, and it is the Elemonators, having elemonated their competition! 😛

Wrap Party 40

Do you ever question what your groupmates do sometimes?

After the prizes were given out, we were told to clean up the NYP Lounge. There was confetti everywhere, even in the empty space next to our tent, which is furthest place from the centre! Anyway, instructors were vacuuming the ceiling, as there was confetti up there as well. Some teams used cardboard to quickly ‘fan’ the confetti to the trash bags, others used their hands to pick up the confetti. We also had to deflate our inflatable pool, and it took quite a while. With everyone working together, the mess was cleaned up pretty quickly. We then packed our belongings, and Crystal watched Corpse Party with Michaela for a bit.
We also wanted to take photos with our instructors and tent neighbours, and we managed to do so with the help of Miss Yan Ting and Mr James. 🙂

It was already past 10.30pm when we were done, and we were somewhat tired. We were coming back on Monday as well, so we went home to get some sleep.

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