Week Three: A Quick Recap.

It is currently 7pm, 20 December 2014, as I sit in my room typing out this way overdue blog post. That makes it 15 days and 1 hour since Production officially ended. Oops.

So anyway, here’s a quick recap of week three:

  • It ended 15 days ago. Wow. *cough*
  • We saw three more different photographers, and found out their company name.
  • Scooter: Zooming Down Corridors (2014)
  • Lots of people came for the Open House. And also a few people for the rest of the week.
  • Cards Against Humanity with wasd! And some games with Chunky Monkeys.
  • Prank prank prank prank prank 😛
  • More origami cranes were folded and more movies were watched.
  • We were almost done with our work!
  • …but then we realised we had a lot of things to improve on and ended up coming back on the 8th.
  • Corpse Party watch party 2k14
  • We carved pi on another cookie for Miss Weilin again! 😛
  • Synch (NE8) visited the studio!
  • And a lot more teams from previous seasons came for the Wrap Party as well.
  • We played more card games with Chunky Monkeys.
  • Acrylics played more football.
  • We folded more cranes.
  • Miss Karen visited us again, and she gave us cookies! 😀
  • She also attended her first Wrap Party with Mr Raphael!!
  • Wrap Party: piñatas, dance-offs, and confetti showers! 🙂

Wrap Party 16

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