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Hi y’all okay so I’m Sabrina and I’m having a really bad headache right now so I’ll try my best to do my reflection. 

Pardon me if I rant here because I have 102921301293 regrets about our animation haha. 

Basically and honestly, Leanne and I have been the ones doing pretty much everything. (lol 99.9999999999%) true and it’s so frustrating at times because we stay up to do the blog posts, yt vids, update the insta, signal boost. Yeah sure the other members do it but do they do it as often as we do? I don’t know. But to my dear members if you’re reading this: STEP YOUR GAME UP HOMIE. 

Gan: yoo the only reason we can’t help with youtube is bc we’re not so well off to have a macbook that has the software to edit ok

Yes that’s pretty much it for my frustration. (Everyone needs to let out a bit of their unhappiness don’t they.) 


1. AHAHA this one’s the best because it happened during the last week when we were all stressed out and stuff, Leanne even made an animation about it to stimulate your visuals on how it went, but in case you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mml1i6H59gQ&list=UUuHs40G0Pc_u65yCVtjczkA

but, I’ll just explain to you what happened in case you don’t understand the video!
If you have seen our photos on instagram (I’m quite sure you have), our workspace is a tent held up my metal supports and structures and stuff, so one fine day I was sitting on the ledge of our metal support in our tent and I was swaying it (it isn’t that stable, probably because of the many years of usage) so I was swaying it quite vigorously and our fairy lights toppled and so did our christmas tree HAHAHAH and then Esther got angry and started blaming me and in the midst of her berating she pushed her chair backwards and fell on her face, we laughed for a full 10 minutes. OHHHH boyyy.

2. I can’t exactly remember anything much but Leanne was my deskbuddy and our table was cluttered with new water bottles and zhen de ma which we stole from the pantry. By the end of 3 weeks we had accumulated a total of (guess what…) A RECORD BREAKING 18 NEW WATER BOTTLES! wow yes exciting. 

3. Hmm I don’t have a third favourite memory but I REALLY REALLY LOVE THE KAYA TOAST FROM KOUFU, the crispy browned outerparts of the fresh bread, crumbling with every hand movement or bite you take, the smoothness of the kaya paste gliding down the back of your throat, the creamy, delicate butter melting on your tongue. Yes I tried my best to describe it, go try it it’s delicious. 

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