Chunky Monkeys- R.P.T.W.N.U and the One-week Selection


What’s R.P.T.W.N.U? No, its not Rainbow Pickaxing Turtles Which Neglect Unicorns. It’s Random Props That Were Never Used.

During the one-week selection in the September holidays, we had to present our story to a panel of judges FOUR TIMES. *shudder* 

Being a tad bit kiashu, I attempted to print out some pictures of pioneers to act as props. As our story relates the achievements of several pioneers, these props were meant for us to act their stories out.


Yes, someone was supposed to wear this.

This pixellated mess of hair was meant to be Tan Kah Kee’s beard. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t use it. I guess sticking paper beards with masking tape on our faces was too overboard.

For the first presentation on Monday, we used this MRT map, drawn by Wang Lei instead.




While these props have not been used, it now serves as a little memento of this experience 🙂

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