Day Fifteen Point Five. (LAPTOPS AND LAGGING)

Day 15.5. Yes, the most “免费” team of NE9 has to come back for an extra day. We swear it was an accident.

We were told to only come after 10am, but if I heard and remember correctly, the doors were open earlier. Anyway, we were done around 10.30am (spoiler: we were not), and then Kai Li wanted to talk about Gone Girl (the book), which is apparently very messed up.

Because we were not doing anything related to N.E.mation! and were slacking instead, Miss Hazel tasked us to help remove the lamps from the tents on our side of the Lounge. We covered most of them, not wanting to disturb the teams whose tent ‘doors’ were shut.
We also helped Chunky Monkeys remove the posters on their tent ‘door’, as they hadn’t done so and we could not leave them there. We wanted to rip off the duct tape and return them the posters, but let’s just say I am not the person you should be looking for when you want to remove duct tape from paper quickly without ripping it. Sorry. 😦

Niger and Xun Yi from wasd later invited us to a game of Cards Against Humanity, and Mr Jonathan joined us for one round before he went to check on Acrylics.

Day 16 1

Wow Crystal.

I’m not sure how this happened, but we talked to Miss Weilin and Mr Jonathan for a bit about the animation industry, and it is apparently a very competitive one. Mr Lander had ordered pizza, and we managed to grab the last two slices before they turned any colder (because we talked to our instructors for a pretty long time |D).

We also needed to take a proper, share-able photo with our instructors, and Mr Alvin kindly helped us! 🙂

Day 16 14

…well, close enough anyway. THANKS CRYSTAL. (Photo credit: Mr Alvin)

We were about to leave, and then I remembered that I wanted to animate the Total Defence logo a little bit more (no spoilers though), so we stayed back a while more, except Crystal, who left. I needed about 15 minutes, but it took much longer than that because THE LAPTOP HUNG ON ME. I TRUSTED YOU. So I had to restart it and redo. Yay.
It was probably a good thing it happened, because we had actually forgotten to do something else, and one of our files had some problems, so we got the chance to actually finish everything up before we left for real. 😛

But that had its own (sub)set of problems. Crystal was needed for the aforementioned something else, as she’s the only one among us who has, in Miss Weilin’s words, “mastered the kungfu”. Unfortunately, she had already left much earlier, so it was up to us to figure out how to fake it really good.
Next, while we were working on the file, Bella’s laptop, the one which we were using (probably one of the poorest life choices we’ve made, but unfortunately the file was stored locally on her laptop), STARTED LAGGING. We weren’t even streaming videos or anything, we swear (plus we didn’t really use the Internet, so if the bandwidth got eaten on 8 December and the browsers were loading slowly, don’t look for us), we were just making a brush stroke in Adobe Photoshop. Just one brush stroke.
When we finally got through that obstacle, another appeared, and it was the lag. Again. The laptop was lagging very badly while exporting the file. Very, very badly. Thankfully, it didn’t hang, or we really would have sent the laptop flying out of the window.

Finally, after several eternities typical tea time, everything was complete and Bella, Kai Li, and I could finally have lunch. It was past 4pm. We grabbed our stuff and took off, walking with purposeful fervour to level 2.

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