Acrylics- Reflections of our journey so far (Clarence) ლ(´ڡ`ლ)—Friendship(1)

Hi I am Clarence from Team Acrylics.

I can’t fit all that I have gained into one blog post so I’ll split it into a few parts 😉

Much has changed, and we have gained much experience ( in writing blogs XD). Looking back at our entire journey, I ask my self occasionally, how on earth did we manage to accomplish so much. The things we and I did in that period were absolutely crazy. I mean creating some song and singing in front of the judges for pitching, I never would have done that in normal circumstances. There are many moments I miss, from the stressful times to the times where we just had fun. Right from the start, I remember where I wrote a song in an hour XD, also when we were pitching and it reached a part about bamboo, we were laughing so hard (erm in front of the judges) .

I feel it has been amazing to get to the top 10. It was unexpected. We never imagined to get in. Thinking of our seed idea was difficult, and we spent many hours to think about it.

To me, what I have gained from this Animation journey is friendship. Going for such a long team competition has strengthened our bonds. We shared the same sorrows, (no more holiday 😦 ) and we shared times of joy (yesss!! we got in! :D).

Now that I look back, the most vivid memories are those with my team members, Kok Hai and Brayden. We would go for lunch together to the same food court (KOUFU) and we would walk home to the MRT together. Working as a team with your friends in the long term is very different from just being in the same CCA, it has become more than that.

Other than deepening the friendship with my friends, we also deepened our friendship with our instructors. I remembered the first time when we had Mr Jonathan as our instructor, I thought that we were really annoying as we kept calling him and seeking him for help. Everytime I approached him I would wonder, when he would hit the boiling point, but he never did :P.

After working intensely for three weeks we have become more comfortable with each other. We have nothing to do while doing work except talk to each other, so I guess, its natural that friendships will be built.

If you have read our other posts, you would know that we have been calling Mr Jonathan the man himself and also photoshopping his face (disclaimer, it was with his permission)

Friendship was what made the whole process bearable. Peer pressure is not always a bad thing, seeing your friends working hard makes you want to work hard. Friends help you push through the times where work seems dreary, and help you enjoy your time. I remember the times where we used to play soccer in the studio, Mr Jonathan and the three of us, it was loads of fun. Memories of NEmation is not about how tiring it was or how long we had to work, it was the good times we shared with our friends.

It has been a really enjoyable journey, and I hope you would enjoy our clip as much as I enjoyed making it 🙂

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Thank you for all your support so far


Clarence  ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

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