Acrylics: Day 14 – The Interview

I know production has long ended and we have not been posting that frequently. Well, to sum it all up, we were so caught up in the adrenaline of the last few days that we forgot to post blogs about it. However, we decided that you should still get to know. (so don’t mind if there’s abit of spam of posts in the next few days)

Anyway, day 14 was just like a normal day as we were rushing up to finish our work. We wanted to finish up everything so that at least we would have some free time on friday to do anything we wanted (maybe touch up more). It felt good to be on time and not rush like the many of our days. Anyway, we were quite focussed that day and continued doing our work. Most of the work was to touch up as we wanted to make certain parts more cool.  


Clarence and dem Chinese.


Our interviewer preparing to fire off her questions!

In the midst of our work, Mr James came up to us and asked whether we could speak chinese. That was kind of suspicious and we guessed there was some sort of catch, so we said 不可以. However, Mr James saw through our carefully masked secret and allocated us to a chinese radio interview ._.  Ok, maybe our secret was not very secretive xD Our chinese isn’t exactly the best, so we were quite worried. I mean, we could have gotten an English interview. heh.

Anyway, the interviewer came and we did a practice session. I guess the practice session made us more prepared. It was quite fast, and soon, we were done. We all heaved a sigh of relief. You can watch the interview (ha. Sony pictures 😉 at our facebook page, and since you are going to go to facebook, you can drop by our facebook app and like our team.

So, our dear instructor, Ms Hazel, thought it would be funny (very funy haha. >.<) to blast the radio interviews to the other teams. When it reached our team, it was quite disappointing as the part where we shouted ‘Acrylics’ was pitifully soft and muffled. We were quite confused as we shouted pretty loud and it was not possible for our talking to be louder than our shouting. lol oops.

Anyway, our teacher brought us nice lunch as she felt that having Koufu food everyday for lunch and dinner was quite boring. We ate a sumptious lunch with our instructors (mmm…tasty). Special thanks to our teacher, Mdm Tan!

After the day’s highlight of the interview, it went on as per normal (work, work, work) and yep, day 14 had come to an end.

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