Acrylics – Day 15 Part 1: Last Sprint

*note: Day 15 was 5 december xD Sorry we’re pushing these out so late >.<

We had a fresh start to the day as we had nothing much to do. All that was left was to add some touch ups to the almost final product. Nearing lunch time, only one of us could do work as we had collated everything onto one computer. So, one of us was doing work, and the other two were soaking into the mood of partying. We took turns, so everybody had a fair share of their work. Our favourite moments were the times where we had to wait for the computer to transfer files in/out of the server, which took ages. This meant that all three of us could lepak. It was great to finally be ahead of time. It was an achievement as we managed it with a lack of a fourth member 🙂 Wrap party was at six, so we had a couple of hours to complete everything.


MLG Boxhead Gameplay 😀

We played with the ball and did stuff to enjoy our last day of production. There were the intense matches of Boxhead versus the man himself, the random scooter riding courtesy of Ms Hazel, and some prank the Nemation alumni tried to play on the groups (including us asdfg)

Our relaxed mood was not to last. At about 4.30- 5.00, Mr Ellery wanted to inspect our product. With his scrutinizing eyes and sharp senses, he examined every detail of our work. He told us many areas which could use some improvements. We were surprised by the advice he gave us as they indeed added a new layer of depth to our work with some tweaking here and there. However, from our calculations, 1hour was not enough to accomplish all the work. (It was 5pm then and the partay was at 6 bleh). We geared up to full working mode again and we were splitting up jobs to be done. There were beams, smoke and other effects to do.

Just our luck, we were behind time again. I guess we just have to accept fate. 😛
Of course this means we had to come back for a day 16 😉

However, this was not going to stop ourselves from enjoying the wrap party, so at 6, we saved our work and headed to where we were supposed to be gathered.

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