Acrylics- Day 15 Part 2: Wrap party

So, the finale <drumrolls> (ok, maybe not the final day for us, but nonetheless, the finale)

So, we first started out by popping those popper things (no idea what they are called). There were streamers everywhere as people were laughing and cheering. I mean, its natural to let off some steam after an intensive 3 week production.

So, the next highlight of the party was to uncork the bottles of “champagne”. Clarence thought that it was crazy to uncap it indoors as the drinks may dirty the carpet or the cork may hit someone like a bullet, the room being crowded. Anyway, he was the one to uncork it ironically. He was making a pathetic attempt to uncork the “champagne” bottle, and in the end, needed some help from WASD to uncork it.

After the “champagne” bottles were uncorked, the “champagne” was distributed. Then, we went on to doing the the traditional Yum Seng. Basically, we had to go Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum Seeng. We had to do it a few times as a toast to the hard work put in for the production, and the efforts of our instructors etc. Kok Hai, as expected with his lack of control, finished his cup by the first yum seng. Oops.


*Note: blur photo was not due to intoxication. Just poor skills xD

We then went out to eat dinner. One thing we found out, balloons+streamers is not a good idea. People were going crazy and throwing streamers at each other and kicking balloons around. Well, playing the antisocial bunch of people, we went back to our tents to eat dinner. After dinner, we went to the place we always play soccer at to play baseball. We used the balloons as the ball and used the popper sticks as bats. After awhile, the baseball concept did not really work, so we played monkey, baseball style. Brayden got the shortest stick, which I guess makes sense as he was so tall.

After dinner was done, the first game of the day started, the pinata. there would be a batter and two groups of people, one to deceive and one to help. We drew lots to see who was who. Coincidentally, we were to go first as a batter -.- ( Ms Hazel probably rigged the lots ) Clarence got to go as Ms Hazel forbade Brayden to go ( for his height maybe…) So, this was how Clarence felt:


Clarence misses the Pinata by a slight huge margin.

It was just noise, you had to use your own sense of direction to find the pinata, occasionally, you try to seive out what people are saying and follow them. However, its really hard, considering that people all around you are shouting right! left! right! left! . So, you got to depend on your judgement and luck. Well, I like to say,”At least I hit it” . It was my first time playing it, so pardon my lack of the skills(to pay no bills). However, it was still afruitful experience. 

You can watch the real thing at our facebook page:

There were three rounds of the pinata and we stashed a big pile of sweets. Some of the girls were really vicious with the pinata and just slaughtered it. ( Girls can be really violent ). Anyway, we headed to the green screen for the next game of the day, Dance Central. Once again we drew lots to see which team competed with which team. After a few teams went, it was our team’s turn. Once again, we were having a sad life with the luck of the draw. Brayden was not too bad, but the girl from JJKN59 was too good at it, scoring 1mil+ points while poor Brayden got 300k+.

So, we got eliminated in the first round. (much disappointment)

However, the biggest highlight of the day was to begin, as da man himself, Mr Jonathan, was elected to compete in the semi finals, representing team “instructors”. The song they were playing was Oppa Gangnam Style. Mr Jonathan was a natural, he hardly plays dance central, yet he got an outstanding score of above a million. Other than that, seeing him dance was also very amusing. Of course, Mr Jonathan won (with a score of 1mil+ of course), allowing the instructors to go to the final round.

In the final round, we could not decide between Ms Hazel and Mr Ellery competing in the finals, so they had a  dance off to see who would compete, the loser competing. Ms Hazel thought that she was going to lose. However, in the midst of the game, Ms Hazel was winning with a huge lead. Looks like Ms Hazel might win after all. However, nearing the end, Mr Ellery shot up and destroyed Ms Hazel. The comeback was real.

Ms Hazel was technically supposed to compete in the finals, but in the end, the honour was given to Ms Wei Lin, Higher Than You’s instructor. In the end, the instructors did not win and the other team got first, but at least, everybody had a whole lot of fun 🙂 After the prizes were given out, it was a mass cleanup session, and also, a mass goodbye session. Everybody was working together to clean up, and also, pictures were taken and goodbye gifts were given. However, we had to come back on Monday, so we saved our gifts for the last day.


Oh yea, there was also this. ❤ so romantic

It was an exhausting yet exciting day, it was sad to know that we would probably not see many of the teams for a long time. It was finally the end of production for most of the teams. (except a few of us X_X)

The finale was finally over, and the wrap party had come to an end.

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