Acrylics – Production as a Whole (whole ho ho)

Well, Christmas has just passed, and our team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Ho ho ho, hee hee hee. Wait…hee hee hee? Fond memories of our Nemation journey has started to surface, as we reminisce the ups and downs of our journey. The times where da man himself, Mr Jonathan, made funny laughing noises and how we were his dutiful “minions”. ❤ nohomo

Production has been a meaningful experience, and we would like to express our gratitude to our supporters, the other groups and our instructors, Mr Jonathan and Ms Hazel for all the help these groups of people have put in to make our NEmation a success. Mr Ellery has also been very spontaneous and helpful in guiding us and making our NEmation successful, we would like to thank him too.

What did this NEmation production mean to us? 

The production was one about perseverance and being focused. For our team, we have only three members, so, technically, our productivity is lacking by 25% as compared to other groups, which is bleh. Thus, many a times we had to band together and focus on finishing the tasks set by our instructor. Staying late till 9+ is not fun, especially if you have to come early the next day and repeat the usual routine. (Actually it was pretty damned fun. cos fun things only happen at night 😉 Cooperation was important, and though we had fun many a times, we still have to stay on task. Fun and work do not mix well together (unless your work is to have fun lol) However, when you are dedicated to something, you will go through all means to accomplish your goal, so no matter how tedious or how many times we had to redo, it did not matter because regardless of how hard the task was, it was to make our animation clip better, and for us, that matters. Completing the clip, has really been an amazing experience. Seriously.

Lets get back to Christmas, shall we. xD

Christmas is about the spirit of giving, so as we give you our clip which we have put in a lot of effort into ( though the clip will only be able to be viewed next year), we hope that you will give us your support by going to the NEmation9 Top 10 app and liking our team! Do remember to also drop by the IDK page and like theirs too.

You can also drop by our Twitter and Instagram to find out more

Ms Hazel once told us that only 50% of our journey has passed and that the voting is really important, so when the voting phase has started, remember our team, Team Acrylics and vote for us 🙂

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its a potato. its a heart. its a potato heart. ❤

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 😉




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