Acrylics- Reflections of our journey so far (Clarence) ლ(´ڡ`ლ)—Being Bold(2)


I am Clarence from team Acrylics and this is my second blog post about what I have learnt, which is to be bold.

You may wonder, what does being bold have to do with NEmation?

Being bold is being able to step out of our comfort zone and I feel that NEmation has thought me that, right from the beginning to the end.

Lets start with the pitching, 

Honestly, presenting to the judges about an idea which you only had about one day to prepare for and doing it without a script, impromptuing sometimes is not an easy task. Facing questions we never thought would surface.

Yep, pitching looks like a daunting task, and it is indeed one. I remember the time when I looked into the window to see who was judging us, Mr Ellery looked really scary, I mean really scary :P, but actually, he’s really nice. 

I am sure all the teams would agree, pitching was a really stressful part.

So as you’ve heard from the previous blog post, we did a song for our presentation. I guess it was to show your enthusiasm and how much you were actually wanting to win this thing, because at that moment our eyes were set on attaining top ten. However, we were not used to this kind of whacky presentation, more of the serious and formal ones, but I guess those can be kind of boring. Anyway, NEmation is about fun too right? So, doing a song to present was definitely a leap of faith. However that was not all. For the top 22 pitching, we were chosen to pitch first which means… very little time to practise. We were deciding whether to scrap the song as I was doing it just an hour before the pitching, which meant very little time to practise. We decided to just go for it. Yup, definitely a moment of YOLO.

Now, going to the production period. 

Being bold now contains a different essence. To me, it was more of being willing to challenge the process, and also to dare to face up to your mistakes. 

Doing some drawings may take hours, and when you see a mistake, sometimes you have to redo, which is really horrifying :O.

Sometimes, the mistake can be as simple as layering, drawing on the wrong layer for photoshop, but it can make your life really hard. We could choose to just ignore it, but in the end it might lower the quality of your clip. So, when we see a mistake, we have to acknowledge it and sometimes, redo. Doing this was especially hard for us, as we were behind time in a huge chunk of the three weeks, which meant that redoing meant slowing our progress. However, what’s necessary, must be done.

Finally, you must dare to try out new stuff. We cannot just depend on the instructors to feed us with all the skills. They have thought us what is necessary, and if we want to go further, we have to explore ourselves. Mr Jonathan used to tell us to go search google sometimes when we asked him a question. Its better if we discovered the answer ourselves and even if we didn’t we would probably have learnt something in the process, so daring to explore is important :).

Make bold choices and make mistakes. It’s all those things that add up to the person you become.

-Angelina Jolie

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So lets all be…





Clarence  ლ(´ڡ`ლ)






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