Acrylics- Reflections of our journey so far (Clarence) ლ(´ڡ`ლ)—Perseverance(3)

This is on to my final blog post on my personal reflections, sorry its split to three posts as what  I have gained was really too much to fit into one.

I have focused on three aspects, which are friendship, being bold and finally, about perseverance.

I know perseverance may sound abit  alot cliche, but it was really important and in ways that I did not expect. 

One bit of our perseverance was to try our best not to say anything negative, we did not talk about homework and how we were missing a huge part of our holidays. Well, the only way to work fast and enjoy it at the same time was to keep a light hearted cheery mood. Well, that’s why we have so much inside jokes, one of which is about going into the forest.

At the start of production it was easy, being excited and all. However, as the days passed by, everyone was becoming more tired (We left late and came early) and sometimes the work could be monotonous. Sitting in front of a computer doing work for the whole day is not friendly to your mood. However,  we liven up the mood with laughing noises and even played with da ball. 

So persevering to keep a happy mood was important.

Another point, was to persevere to do our work, (I’ll keep this part short as it is the cliche part). We had to persevere through three  weeks of  production, doing our assigned tasks no matter how tired we were and accepting criticism. (ok done)

So my third point on persevering was to keep our volume down. This is kind of weird, but yeah, it applied to us. Well I talked about staying positive, sometimes we do crazy stuff, and even the tents around us already know our hehehe hohoho laughing noises. This definitely shows something. It is hard to keep quiet especially since there’s no form of soundproof except a thin layer of tent. Being enclosed, you think no one can hear you, so we don’t notice how loud we can be. The problem is, being chatty was one of our ways to lighten the mood. So there was some conflict there 😦 .

Honestly, we did not manage to totally lower our noise level, though we did make abit of an improvement(Some may disagree). I mean, who likes a moody noiseless tent? (ok, maybe some people). Well it was definitely a learning point and something to take note of next time, to keep persevering to keep a moderate level of noise :P. Talking can help bring up the mood, but it can also distract people from the task, so we have to take note and persevere to stay on track, though going off track seems appealing sometimes.

Well, this is the end of my third reflection. I do miss the good times of the production and I hope that we manage to relive the experience well for you.

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Clarence  ლ(´ڡ`ლ)


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