Isabella: Bucket List Part 2

Crystal was supposed to write this but I’m doing it instead because Crystal hasbetterthingstodoinlifethanwritethisobviously is busy. ¬_¬

We Crystal started Production by writing this very extensive Bucket List so here’s what we’ve done and have yet to do.
(Actually because Production is over, I don’t really think it counts but meh)

  • Actually stay back for once (until 9pm)
    • Failed because we oh-so-productive
  • Do a hundred burpees (Crystal only because Wei Ting said so)
    • I don’t think she even did 50 ._.
  • Fold a thousand cranes
    • Have yet to count but I think we might have a winner
  • Get at least one picture with every group
    • So far, we only have pictures with Acrylics, Chunky Monkeys and wasd so I’d say that failed pretty bad.
  • Get a glam picture for once (also a life goal)
    • Not ever going to happen.
  • Get a team t-shirt
    • Well, we did get one but I haven’t gotten it printed because PROcrastination 🙂
  • Jog around NYP
  • Make an awesome animation clip
    • Really Crystal, it’s going to be so SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS
  • Not eat at koufu for lunch for once
    • And we had it with Chunky Monkeys! :))
  • Order EXTRA CHEESY PIZZA (not gonna say for who and why)
    • Sorry no money
  • Play Cards Against Humanity again (and jio Acrylics)
    • We played loads more Cards Against Humanity but without Acrylics (we keep forgetting to jio them /cough/)
  • Play pranks
  • Shower instructors with ELLE OH VEE YEE
    • Does confetti count?
  • Watch the Barbie series
    • Barbie and the Pegasus anyone?
  • Watch three movies
    • Mulan, Pocahontas and Barbie :))
  • Wear the team t-shirt together
  • Win this thing and go to USA

…So we didn’t actually manage to check everything off the list, oops. Oh well, we might be able to strike off a few more during the Downtown Picnic on the 17th of January (at The Plaza, National Library Building, be there!).

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