Production: A Quick Recap.

(Happy new year! We hope 2015 will be a great year for you!)

Production. 10 teams. 15 days. 1 animation clip (each).

Production Briefing 1

A really short briefing for the top 10 teams after the one-week selection period.

Production Briefing 2

But we did go to Antarctica though. The NYP Lounge was really cold, after all.

We were all told to assemble outside the NYP Lounge on the 17th of November, the first official day of Production. Go up the right escalator, turn right, take the next escalator up, turn left, turn left, turn right, turn right.

Flashback to 31 October 2014, the last day of school for us, and also the day of the Social Media Workshop.
We were informed of who our Ambassadors would be, given tips on increasing our presence on social media, and given time to write our first blog post(s).

Fast forward to 13 November 2014, the day of the studio tour.
Travelling from IKEA Tampines to Tanjong Pagar MRT station, not getting lost, and being one of the first few teams to arrive (we originally thought we were going to be late). We were given a presentation by Tiny Island Productions, which followed a short studio tour at their office in the Bestway Building.


Our Top 10 teams getting settled for today’s Studio Visit!

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Moving forward to 14 November 2014, visiting the NYP Lounge for the first time.
Miss Weilin wanted to meet us to show us our new and improved storyboard and poem, as well as show us around the studio – our home for the next three weeks.

17 November to 21 November 2014.
Being formally welcomed to the studio and the Production phase, pasting up our storyboards and making the plain tent more hospitable. Learning how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. Getting breakfast from Acrylics and random gifts from other teams. Words of encouragement. Meeting Mr Raphael, our Ambassador’s guest writer. Knowing more about N.E.mation! from Momento Mori (NE8). Talking to the other teams at least once. Wanting to throw the laptop out of the window. Pranking Acrylics and getting pranked by Acrylics.

24 November to 28 November 2014.
Animating in Adobe After Effects. Wondering why it works/doesn’t work. Making Crystal do 100 burpees. Getting a surprise visit from our teachers, and meeting Miss Karen, our Ambassador. Refilling the fridge and nearly freezing in the process. Doing really weird things in the pool, such as showering Crystal in fake leaves and flowers when we were being filmed for the time-lapse video our Ambassador took. Drinking lots of milo. Folding cranes while watching movies. Acrylics offering breakfast to us. Playing Cards Against Humanity with wasd. Watching games of soccer and nerf guns. Getting interviewed by POWER 98FM. Celebrating Mr Wei Siong’s birthday. Feeling slightly upset that Production was 2/3 over.


So… We’re not sure what happened at HigherThanYou’s tent but here’s what we found.

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1 December to 5 December 2014.
Presenting our animation WIP to various groups of people. Watching a bunch of people zoom down the corridor on Miss Hazel’s scooter. Even more Cards Against Humanity with wasd, and this time with Chunky Monkeys. Various other card games with Chunky Monkeys. Watching more movies while folding more cranes. Carving pi on another cookie again for Miss Weilin. Getting Hello Kitty cookies from Japan from Miss Karen, which were absolutely delicious 10/10 recommend. “FINISH YOUR WORK OR ELSE…” Spectating more of Acrylics’ football games. Talking to some of the visiting N.E.mation! alumni and getting to know them slightly better. Having a blast at the Wrap Party, with Dance Central, piñatas, and confetti showers.

8 December 2014.
Coming back to NYP to finish something we missed and had completely forgotten about. Touching up a little bit on some of our work. Eating lunch at 4pm. Wondering how three weeks managed to pass by so quickly.

1 January 2015.
Wei Ting finally writes and publishes this way overdue blog post. And asks for your like on Facebook, and your follow on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you for your support and for reading this blog post. :3

happy = new - year

Credits to whoever thought of this equation and shared it with the world. Sorry for the terrible handwriting.

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