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Welp. Clarence swept the floor with his reflections which were pretty darn good. As he said, ‘peer pressure is not always a bad thing’. yep. cri… asdksjjbfknsdf


So here’s my reflection.

With 2015 blasting in in an hour and fifteen minutes (at the time of writing), I’ve got to admit, NEmation was the most extraordinary event of 2014. No lie. What I’ve been able to gain, to experience, to do through NEmation was not something I’d anticipated to accomplish.

Happy new year, people. Cred google images.

The journey started all the way back in the week before the September Holiday (or what was meant to be a holiday xD). Our teacher gave us the details of the pitching, how they’d eliminate us day by day, that it could possible take the entire week. Frankly, we were a bit reluctant take part. I mean, it’s a ‘whole week of no school’ or ‘we try our best to not get eliminated through the billion rounds of pitching and casually lose our holidays.’

Somehow we chose the latter, and I do not regret it one bit (Rule #1 ;)). In fact, I’m glad laziness did not prevail, or else we’d have lost this one in a lifetime experience as one of the Top Ten teams.

Of course, not the entire journey was as fun and smooth sailing as I portray it from my highly biased standpoint. I can’t say I enjoyed every bit of it as there were, of course, the ups and downs on this roller coaster. But it made this all the more more meaningful.

Hmmm… (cred wikihow)

So.. what exactly did I ‘gain, experience, and do’? actuallyiosonotsure.

One thing I know for sure is that I’ve been exposed to a completely new medium of art. Digital art was something I’d been wanting to try. It was thanks to NEmation that I could learn the sick stratz and mad skillz from an instructor. The advice from our instructors was extremely helpful and introduced me to the basics (and more) of digital art. (you may be wondering why i didn’t say ‘digital animation’ cos this is an animation competition. frankly, the drawing part appealed more to me than the animating. oops) Drawing on the computer was very different from the traditional pencil. It was way less natural but at least if I screwed up I could amend it pretty easily. soo yeah.

Of course apart from learning dem skillz, I’ve been able to spend 3 really fruitful weeks with my groupmates. Through this time, we’ve been through a ton of mehs and woohoos and when I think of the relationships moulded through NEmation, I think of the cheer and joviality, the laughs and the squeals, the weird and the awkward, with the people I spent 3 weeks together in a tiny tent. The novelty of these interactions and connections is something I cherish. I’m definitely closer to those two wackos and I think we worked pretty darn well as a team ;D Perhaps that’s the plus in having just three members. Joking around with our instructor AKA the man himself AKA inifnyxflare AKA lady killer AKA man slayer etc. was also great fun. Mr Jonathan knew how to have fun yet push us to do our work, which made the experience a million times cooler 😀

Last but not least, the journey allowed me to accomplish an endeavour greater than anything I would have ever thought I could have done. Creating an animation in 3 weeks without much prior knowledge on the software and what not, that’s pretty damn beast. Of course the quality of the animation is definitely not of professional standard but it’s something 😉

Happy tomato is happy :3

idk how to conclude bleh

Overall, there were things we could have handled better but as the rule goes, NO REGRETS! I’m pretty hyped about the screening and voting phase as its when others get to appreciate the fruits of our labour (assuming they dont think its trash :() Anyway, hope we’ll have your support when the time comes!(17JAN17JAN17JAN)


(and yes I meant to finish this by yesterday but it was the new year celebration and all so im really sorry) Happy new year!




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