Acrylics: New Year’s Special-Day 16

Hello, to celebrate the New Year of 2015, we will be bringing you exciting stuff.

Firstly, we will reveal to you what happened in the week after production (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Yup, we didn’t mention it, but we went back for three more days because we love NEmation. We wanted to tell you about the three weeks production only, but since its a s new year, we decided to share with you more. After telling you about the three days we will be bringing you our second sneak peak :). So get ready for some exciting posts. Our group would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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So lets start with Day 16.

The third week was the only week we did not come back on Saturday, but instead, we have to come back for a fourth week. As you know, we had to make lots of changes to the points Mr Ellery raised. We had to deal with effects and also some changes involving smoke. (“Sneak Peek”) 

Well, this time, we were supposed to come at ten instead of nine (no idea why). Anyway, we planned to meet somewhere in Nanyang Polytechnic to wrap gifts for Mr Jonathan and Ms Hazel. Communications did not go so well so Clarence went inside the tent to realise that Kok Hai and Brayden was not there. The problem was, Clarence did not bring his phone and thats why he did not receive the message. In the end he had to borrow a phone from Higher Than You to call his teammates. 


Well, lets just say he rushed to the meeting point afterwards. We were spamming to wrap as we did not have much time. We were banking on the chance that Mr Jonathan would come abit late. 

In the end, we finished by around 11.00 -.- (Yes, we took that long). Anyway, Mr Jonathan called Brayden and Brayden made up some excuse about him being late and in the MRT. Then, he called Kok Hai and Kok Hai tried to make up some story. Tried…

This was what happened, the plan to borrow a phone from Higher than You backfired, basically they told Mr Jonathan that Clarence came and left. Yeah, so he was very suspicious and questioned Kok Hai alot.  When we came back to our tents, we were all trying not to laugh. Looks like we can’t give the best gift to Mr Jonathan and Ms Hazel anymore, after all, the best prize is a surprise, isn’t it? 😛

But what exactly did we spend hours wrapping and preparing…

Before we reached NYP, Kok Hai and Brayden were out at AMK Hub (one stop away) shopping for da goods. They were trying to find the most appropriate gift to give Mr Jonathan (which was the most inappropriate gift xD) and Ms Hazel. So.. we were at that huge Fairprice Xtra searching the millions of aisles until we stumbled upon some big boxes of Cadbury chocolate with exotic packaging. One of them was a pink heart with the words ‘love’ on top. Then there was the green more neutral flowery pattern with a huge ‘thank you!’ on the top. Immediately, we knew the heart one was for da man himself (i mean why not right) and the thank you one for Ms Hazel. They were also just under our budget of *undisclosed* which was great.

To top it off, we decided to get pink wrapping paper with small hearts to wrap the heart shaped box of chocolate for Mr Jonathan.

Now.. you’ve got to be thinking. ‘why on earth are these boys giving their male instructor a heartshaped gift?”

Taking that into account, we wrote multiple notes of ‘no homo’ before wrapping it up so that he wouldn’t get the wrong idea. (also its an inside joke but it’s a long story xD) We spent A LOT of time to wrap the heart and it looked pretty darn neat. We had intended to wrap both gifts but the awkward petaled shape proved to difficult a challenge (sorry ms hazel). For Ms Hazels gift, we covered the packaging with colourful ‘thank you’ notes written in different languages. (thanks googlee for the translations)


Shuriken scrolls! Was really fun to make xD

We had also prepared some colourful origami for our fantastic instructors. For Mr Jonathan, we made a container of shurikens, each with a small scroll stuck on it with a written inside joke. We made it hoping Mr Jonathan would remember the funny and weird stuff that were said and done in the tent xD As for Ms Hazel, we made multiple paper roses for decoration. (I’ve got to admit, they were kinda complicated to make at the start lol) We didn’t manage to make as many as we had wanted due to time constraints 😦

After all the rush and failed attempt in keeping it a surprise, we finally finished all the gifts. So, to end Day 16 on a good note, we gave the gifts to the instructors. 


A delighted Mr Jonathan and very pink gift! Thank you for your help through out production period!

A picture speaks a thousand words, yep, we hope Mr Jonathan and Ms Hazel enjoyed the gifts as much as we had making them. It’s the thought that counts after all, right? 

Anyway, Ms Hazel decided to share her gift (sharing is caring). The roses fit each chocolate slot well, so when somebody ate one, she would replace them with one of the flowers we made (Everlasting chocolates!!). Mr Jonathan decided to open his chocolates too.

and then…

what he saw was…

the word:


oops (a bit too homo)

That was one awkward moment, but we did put a disclaimer, “No homo” right? ……right?


A shuddering Mr Jonathan after having read what’s inside…

With more cheers and taking of photos, day 16 was to come to an end (how time passes so fast) <sigh>

Time is also passing quickly as the voting stage is coming up. 

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Have a great 2015! 🙂




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