Isabella: Sneak Peek

I’m not really sure who’s interested in actually knowing what we are doing for our animation. It’s math man c’mon! 

Anyways, since I’m being forced to I’m a nice person, I’ll give you a sneak peek of one of the things I did for the animation during Production. (aCTUALLY I DIDN’T DO THE FINALISED VERSION OF THIS PART OF THE ANIMATION)

Sneak Peek 3

Photo because Wei Ting didn’t want to take a screenshot, sorry.


Do you see the numbers? No they aren’t any random set of numbers ok. They required BRAIN CELLS (not that I have any T T). The numbers 1.3000˚ N and 103.8000˚ E are actually the coordinates of Singapore on the world map!
“OMG ISABELLA YOU’RE A gENiUs!!” Actually no, our awesome instructor Ms Wei Lin came up with them 🙂 -round of applause-

See ya!

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