Isabella: On Air with HigherThanYou

We are Team HigherThanYou from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School!

我们是四德女子中学的 HigherThanYou!

We picked the Wednesday time slot for the radio advertisement recording because Crystal has MSP lessons on Fridays and MSP is very important ok. You can’t just skip MSP. You can’t. But you can skip assembly which is on a Wednesday. Though you need to get permission first.

We assembled in the foyer (pronounced foy-ye and not foy-er) after scarfing as much lunch as we could in 3 minutes. whythecanteenqueuesolong.
Our teacher was nice enough to book a maxi cab for us (4 people + 1 teacher can’t fit into a normal cab) and once we were on our way, Crystal and Kai Li starting doing homework?? dudewejustleftschoolchill. ijustsatthereandjudged.

After a not-really-very-long cab ride, we arrived at the really really high security Defence Technology Building. There we had to go through the body scan thingy, scan our bags and stuff, you know, just like at airports, and a few more things that Wei Ting says we shouldn’t elaborate too much on. wasd arrived a few minutes after we did so yeah cool.

After standing around and waiting for the three SNGS teams for a bit, we were escorted upstairs to the SAFRA Radio premises first. Nothing much really happened there as our teachers were around and we had to work on our scripts. boooring.

At around 2.40pm, wasd went into the recording room to record their Chinese interview. firstsacrificeyes. Being very very supportive friends /kpo, we crowded around the glass window separating the recording room from us. Truth be told they were actually quite good and were out of the room pretty quick.

I don’t really remember when we went in to record our English interview but I’m just going to put it out there that the recording room isn’t very big and claustrophobia + a small soundproof room is not a very good combination. Thankfully we were done quite fast. hopefullywedontsoundtoobad.

Because I’m a nice person, here are some tips for the other teams doing their interviews on Friday ^^

    yes it’s a school day, yes you are tired but just slap on a smile and pretend you’re worth a million dollars
  2. BE iN’SYNC
    practise practise practise until you can finish each other’s sandwiches
    take your time and as many retakes as you need to sound per-fect
    you might sound terrible the first few times but just shake it off shake it off


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