Kai Li: Sneak Peek

So I’m supposed to do a sneak peek on the Pie Chart, the most difficult part of my work so far.

It was actually the first piece of work I had been assigned, and I finished it pretty quickly in the first week. However, later on, Ms Weilin wanted to make some changes to it in the second week when we were making the final animations. She wanted me to slice the pie chart into more pieces so it would be more “四分五裂” which means divided (and usually refers to broken families).

Sneak Peek 2

Kai Li working really hard on the pie chart animation!!

Unfortunately, the way I made the previous pie chart pieces did not allow me to divide it easily, and thus I spent 2 whole days cutting the pie chart up. It was the hardest part of my NEmation journey in my opinion and I almost started crying while drinking milo. In the end, there were some minor mistakes but I just gave up because it seemed good enough anyway!! I’m just glad it’s done!!!

sighs bye

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