wasd: Back in Business


We’re terribly sorry guys for not updating for a long time, was busy with homework.

FINE. All I did was sleep on the couch and watch Breaking Bad. Not too bad of a break if you ask me.

What? Don’t judge me, it’s a good show.

I’ll try to put up a blog post every two days from today on, just to make up for the time lost. Yesterday we went for an interview at SAFRA Radio, to be honest I really felt that I was in a bunker of sorts. Checkpoints at almost every door. A solid 3-inch metal door. 

Talk about security, whew.

Xun Yi and Ziqing handled the Chinese interview, while Ethan and I did the English one. Not the most pleasant of interviews, coz we suck at Chinese. The recording suite was of a rather considerable size though, which is good for someone of my particular… stature. There’s some more stuff to cover, but there’s someone knocking at the door and a stack of homework next my desk. So yea, we’ll see you on the flip side.

We’ll be back in… approximately 48 hours.

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