BB: Energetic supporters!!!!!

Fist we would like to dedicate this post to a self-proclaimed no. 1 supporter, we didn’t reject her for being that, feels great that people support us! Who is that number one supporter? Our dear classmate, Karis Goh. Nah, we were just joking, but thank you for supporting us Karis!

Well it’s good to be appreciative to people around you once in a while, so we would like to dedicate this post to our supporters, firstly our class, 2 Wisdom 2015. Thanks for helping to promote us, supporting us and being crazy with us. Thanks for the AWESOME ideas.


We have our teachers to thank too, well we have seen their crazy sides and they hadn’t stop helping us, from moral support to positive encouragement. (Mr K, Mr Tham, Mr Chan) And those who came down to support us, our seniors, Mrs Tan and Mrs Lee.

Thanks to those who followed us on social media too, always supporting us and bringing us to the next level 🙂

Last but not least, our instructors!! Mainly Mr Alvin, Ms Yan Ting and Mr Lander. Thank you for guiding us throughout the whole competition and teaching us so many new skills, and tolerating us 😀

“I am your biggest fan!!!”-Karis

“I know I’m awesome, but please stop staring at me”-Wisdom

“That is just one side of us”-Teachers


“Muuur”-Mr Alvin

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