BB: #tb to wrap party

tb: throwback

Looking back, we didn’t do a proper blog post on wrap party, but don’t worry, the problem is fixed tonight!

Wrap Party was one of the most memorable day in our lives! A pure sense of accomplishment and the joy of surviving 3 weeks!

Drinking grape juice and throwing confetti at each other, eating dinner, letting of steam, watching WASD and Mr Lander pop balloons with bare hands.

Pinata and Dance Central was still the highlight of the night. Let us just state 5 best moments on the highlights.

5. JJKN59 and all the hidden talents of dancers.

4. Falling pinatas and candy land.

3. Mr Jonathan’s Gangnam Style dance and how he nailed it.

2. Sabrina and her flying sticks.

1. The awesome cameraman dodging that potentially-fatal flying stick.

We really enjoyed wrap party just like all the other teams, just like the saying “All good things come to and end” We successfully completed our three weeks journey filled with a lot of fun.

We miss the production weeks!!! Definitely better than stuck in class feeling sleepy.

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