wasd: Afterthoughts

And…. I’m back.


Did you ever just wonder what lies out there beyond Earth?  

Sorry, got caught off there. Just watched Interstellar again for the 2nd time. The visuals were truly impressive, however it does make you wonder about your entire existence.

So, afterthoughts!

Thought I’d do this because eh, why not. Well let me just start by saying that although we didn’t get to interact much with all ten teams, we sure did go through the same struggle together through all three weeks. I did miss coming to the room, brewing a cup of Milo and working on my scenes for the animation. And shooting Nerf guns. And sleeping under my desk. And playing Cards Against Humanity.


I could go on, but I won’t. But I could.

Downtown Picnic is in 4 DAYS TIME! Be sure to come down if you want a sneak peek at our animation! If you don’t to come down that’s NOTOKAY  perfectly fine. Just at home and live your little life.

It’s perfectly fine.

That’s all for now, adiós!




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