BB: Positive Note GUYS :)

Recently, or today we have been dealt with two major blows, losing our own mascot and even worse, our Instagram account being hacked, which we have spent a lot of time trying to build up. But don’t worry everyone, we can make it through with all of you (Our supporters), 2 Wisdom 2015 constantly supporting and helping us, Mr Tham, Mr K, Mr Chan,  the school and our families. While we sort to get back on our feet, we are really happy for the tremendous support.

Meanwhile we shall announce to everyone our BB EXCO!

Campaign CEO-Alyssa

Campaign Director-Cheryl

Campaign Manager-Karis


Without them and especially 2 wisdom, we would have already died internally with two major blows in less than a day. 🙂 

We BELIEVE with all your support, we will come back Bigger, Better, Stronger and AWESOME! Stay tune and just wait as BB RETURNS!

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