Hello everyone, today we have a not-so-good news.

Our group mascot BEEBEE (BB), which is designed and planned over 5 days, and half-done in more than 5 hours by more than 5 people (excluding us) have left us on 14th January 2015 at 12.45pm. He left peacefully, don’t worry though we have no idea where he is now and we are really heartbroken, because we stayed back after school and many of our classmates came around to support and help us draw and paint. All the hard work have gone down the drain and we are grieving over the loss of him. He might just be cardboard pieces but he will help us in campaign.

Basically the whole story is that we put in a lot of effort and painted him in our free time. But after we returned from geography lessons today. we discovered him missing from the back of the classroom, totally gone, without even a last goodbye 😦

Here’s a poem for him (wherever he is):

You gave us hope, you gave us joy.

We saw you as a ray of light, now that you’re gone,

We have no choice, but you legacy remain and our efforts are not in vain.

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