BB: Do support us!

Hello everyone!

Thanks to the support of our fellow classmates, it’s business back to usual! We are preparing for this Saturday’s picnic! Do come and support us by bring your family, extended family, whole family tree, friends, friends’ friends and anyone you can find! It would certainly be  fun-filled day 🙂 Mr James said we need to bring 80 supporters so just bring as many as you can, including your whole class! (We would be glad) We will provide you with the fun! If on Saturday you happen to be wandering aimlessly, just look out for anyone with the hash tag NE9C03 or visit us at the booth! We will gladly welcome you, don’t worry we won’t bite you 🙂

If you cannot find us, call us or approach the other two st. nicks team, see you there! 🙂

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