Crystal: Sneak Peek

Hey guys! Crystal here! So I’m sure you’ve seen two of my teammates’ sneak peeks (if you haven’t see them here and here) and you might be wondering why I’m writing so late (2 hours before the voting starts and by the time I’m done with it, probably one hour before voting starts haha).

But of course the best must come last weiting is last but and of course I did not procrastinate /cue nervous laughter ha ha ha/

Anyways look at this picture below here:

Sneak Peek 4

It’s an ordinary picture right? Of a venn diagram printed on paper. Now before we get on to set notation and what not, this is a simple photo of a simple maths paper MATHS IS NEVER SIMPLE. But my job was to bring this very venn diagram to life through animation. Sounds interesting right? GO WATCH OUR VIDEO TOMORROW 😀

The worst part of doing this was the number of LINES there was in this venn diagram. I had to align EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM and animate EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. It was really fun though, something going wrong and then you spending hours finding out where it went wrong 😀 and the sense of satisfaction when you do 🙂 And also redoing the thing over and over again, perfecting it. Ahh those were good times. So appreciate my pain of straining my eyes at the laptop screen and vote for us!

Thank you 🙂

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