BB: Dustbin is not the place for us

Hey, hey! 

Today we found our stuffs for campaign in the dustbin, whoever did it we are watching…But yay! Thanks to our awesome classmates, we are prepared for our big day tomorrow, do come down to support us, and we will see you there from 1-4pm. For those who would like to vote for us, we are the team with #NE9C03, yes that’s us! Just like how we promise to come back bigger, better and stronger, we will do our best tomorrow!

Do visit our booth as surprises awaits you! Well, we will not be giving you a single hint over here but well you an figure it out, if not, check out our booth tomorrow, #NE9C03!!!

We guess you can start voting tonight, well no harm trying, so please vote for us 🙂

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