BB: Fantabulous classmates

We have fabulous classmates, and by fabulous, we meant fantabulous wisdom πŸ™‚

Without them, tomorrow we would just have boring activities line up for you! Without them, we won’t be back up on feet immediately! Without them, we won’t have so many supporters.

Credits to our fellow classmates:

Alyssa, Cheryl Wong, Kezia, Jay Yin, Emmanuella-For helping with paintings

Cheryl Doo, Alyssa, Celeste, Karis, Yean Lyi, Isabelle Clara and many more with the stickers

Kerrianne for handling all our social media problems.

And the rest of the class (Amanda, Evelyn, Gillian, JeAnn, Christabelle, Jiawei, Giselle, Rebekah, Chloe and Tracy) Β for supporting we love you πŸ™‚

Do hope that with the tremendous support by them, everyone will have a fun filed day tomorrow, see you! πŸ™‚

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