BB: Preview for us and reveal for you!

Hello everyone! We had preview for our clips, which turn out to be VERY GOOD 🙂 Thank you Mr Alvin. 

Preview day was the first time when we got to meet ALL the other teams once again since three weeks productions…ahh the memories 🙂

Head down to National Library Building and tomorrow it will be a reveal for you! You can catch all ten clips and all the top ten teams on stage with the cast of Ah Boys To Men! Not exciting enough? There are lucky draws with ATTRACTIVE prizes 🙂 REALLY ATTRACTIVE, like I’ve mentioned before, we don’t lie. If you see the prizes, your eyes will bling bling, then your brain will ring ring, and then you will decide you must give it a go, and join in the lucky draw!!!! and the games!!! and visit our booths!!! 

#NE9C03 we will see you there! Goodbye and Goodnight!


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